Staff Member Spotlight: Shani Whiteside

We are pleased to introduce you to Shani Whiteside, MSW, our new Program Coordinator. Shani is responsible for coordinating parent education workshops, volunteer management, and community outreach at Project HELP.

“At a very early age I realized that I had a great passion for helping others and empowering people,” Shani said. “During my undergraduate studies, I created a mentorship program for teen mothers and troubled youth.”

For her efforts in creating this mentorship program, Shani was nominated for and won the Women of Distinction Award for McLean County. She has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Illinois, Urbana.

“I am pleased to have found an amazing organization which allows me to work alongside other driven and compassionate community servants to serve vulnerable children and families,” Shani noted. “In my role at Project HELP, I am learning from our mentors how to identify deeper ways to inspire those who are seeking change. There are many ways to add value to and enrich the lives of others, but they all start with a true desire for a full understanding the individual you wish to impact.”

We are thrilled to have such a dedicated, hard-working individual like Shani working with us! She has become an outstanding asset to Project HELP!

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