Thrivent Action Teams: Helping the Community

Thrivent Financial is more than a financial planning company. It is a Fraternal Benefit Society, which is a not-for-profit organization that provides insurance to its members and – this is key – has to carry out social, intellectual, educational, charitable, benevolent, moral, fraternal, patriotic or religious purposes for the benefit of its members and the public. They do this through Thrivent Action Teams. Learn more about these teams and how you can benefit below.



What is a Thrivent Action Team?

Thrivent Action Teams are teams led by an associate or benefit members in Thrivent Financial. A Thrivent Action Team sees an unmet need in your community.

What does a Thrivent Action Team do?

If you are a Thrivent member you could apply to do a fundraiser, service activity or educational program. Once accepted by Thrivent Financial, you will get promotional banner invitations and thank you cards, Thrivent Action Team T-shirts, and a $250 community gift card. Bringing family, friends and the people of your community to make a difference is really what it is all about. Benefit members are qualified for 2 action teams per year, associate members are only qualified for one. Thrivent Financial encourages you to take many pictures and videos to upload and share stories for others to be encouraged to join those Action Teams.

Thrivent Action Teams can be almost anything you are passionate about, some great starting ideas are to work with churches, schools, or any educational program that can help make a difference.

Getting family, friends, and community volunteers to help bring the community together in a way which Thrivent Financial gives free resources to those who are willing to help.

Learn more about Thrivent Action Teams below at the link!


An Action Team Success Story

Made with Love.

Jeanette Alton, a member of Thrivent Financial and a Thrivent Action Team leader shares her amazing story with us on how pillow cases could help young girls in Africa. Jeanette felt that she wanted to help make a difference in the world and help those who need it.

Jeannette got the idea to make pillow cases dresses from a woman at a garage sale and then decided to apply to become a Thrivent Action Team leader. Once accepted, Jeanette and 8 other ladies set out to make as many pillow case dresses they could to send over to women and children in Africa. The Thrivent Action Team received media attention from the local newspaper in Des Moines, Iowa and The Huffington Post.

The next time the ladies all met, the turnout was incredible! Many women came out to help make these pillow case dresses. The goal was set at 300 dresses and that was accomplished with more! With the help of Thrivent Finanical and the Thrivent Action Team, Jeanette says, she “feels like she’s accomplished something in this life now.”

“If you are passionate about something, you are going to move forward with it no matter what.”

Jeanette Alton.

Learn all about Jeanette’s story and more at the Thrivent Action Team link below!

So what are YOU waiting for? Go visit the Thrivent Financial website at and get passionate and apply as a Thrivent Action Team leader here,

Find what makes you passionate, learn how you can help, and live generously through Thrivent Financial!

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