Parent Mentoring

Program 1Do you feel at a loss when it comes to managing your child’s behavior? Are your family challenges causes major chaos in your home environment? Are you Thriving or Just Surviving in your family life?

Every parent or caregiver faces challenges in raising children: whether figuring out how to manage children’s behavior, dealing with children with special needs, or negotiating changes in family life. Parenting children is a job that requires an incredible amount of energy, time, commitment, and resources.

Project HELP believes that being a parent or caregiver is one of the most important jobs in the world, and yet, at times, the most challenging. Our professionally trained Parent Mentors will work with you to establish a plan to help you transform your family environment and to expand your capacity to function more effectively in your role as a parent or caregiver. With parent mentoring you can:

  • Gain the tools necessary to nurture your child’s development,
  • Expand your ability to manage everyday life stresses,
  • Locate resources essential to meeting your family’s specific needs, and
  • Create an environment where all family members can reach their full potential.

Parent mentoring is a free and available to parents who have at least one child age under the age 12 and live within School Districts #203 & #204.


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Parent Education Workshops

Promoting Positive Parenting through Parent Education.

Program 2 Are you struggling with managing your child’s behavior? Do you find yourself constantly involved in a power struggle with your child? Do you find yourself completely exhausted at the end of the day? If any of these parenting problems sound familiar and you’d like to learn to parent without yelling, nagging or lecturing, and with less anger, the Parent Education Program is ideal for you. Learn how to effectively handle these challenges and more by signing up for a parenting education workshop series.

Contact Us to learn what it takes to Thrive as a family and to give your children a strong start toward future success.


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