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July 2018

We were able to move a Mom and her child with special needs off our waitlist, three months ago.  This family was on our waiting list for THREE YEARS.  She attended our workshops and waited patiently. Mom had been sex trafficked and a victim of violent assault, experienced homelessness and poverty. Referrals were made to other organizations…..and she waited patiently for the one on one Mentorship through Project HELP. Due to our partnership with the YWCA Metropolitan, we have been able to move her off the waitlist and receive weekly mentoring from our Project HELP Social Worker. Our staff has worked  with a local non profit to provide travel to our counseling services for sexual violence survivors at the Y and she is proactively seeking professional development through our resources at the YWCA. We have helped her navigate the school system to understand and advocate for her child’s needs.
     Here is what is so fantastic: Mom reported out this week that she “feels motivated, hopeful and blessed to have the support of a team”. Anything is possible. Anything.

June 2018

“I feel like Project HELP has helped me parent, co-parent, have self-care, in ways I have never been helped before. I am different, my kids are different, all because of this program that feels like a family. I smile often.”
-Domestic violence survivor and DCFS involved parent
“It feels nice to open up and talk, I haven’t done that in a while.” “I am seeing how my childhood effects my children.”
-Father of 5,  an abuse survivor, receiving our Parent Mentor Services, and keeping his home visits, despite a 3 hour bus/public transportation commute to work each way.

May 2018

We had a family that has a chronic medical issue, referred by a school social worker.  During the first home visit our Counselor was informed the Mom has diagnosed schizophrenia and has struggled with her illness and has been in and out of medical facilities. There are three children and two of them have mental illness diagnosis.

After one visit, Mom told our Counselor, “I’m so happy you made this easy for me”. Mom expressed feeling heard, supported, and hopeful.  We will have weekly home visits with this family for a year.  We are so grateful for the trust we have with the schools and partners and the impact, in turn, to the community.  We are prevention, compassion, and empowerment.